We work to create value in partnership with management teams

About Montagu

With a large pool of available funds, we lead buyouts of businesses with values ranging from €100 million to
€1 billion or more. We work to create value in partnership with the incumbent management team and to help the business achieve its full potential.

Our focus on incumbent CEOs means that working in partnership with the management team is critical. We support management through each stage of the deal process and provide as much resource as required to make the investment work. We welcome early dialogue with CEOs to better understand their aspirations.

Investment Approach

Our partnership with management is built on a shared vision of how the company's value can be maximised. We work with management to develop that vision and we provide the support needed to realise it - financial, strategic or operational.

Working with Montagu

We work with management teams to carry out an early review of strategy, operations and organisational structure. This leads to a mutually agreed Business Plan on which our investment is based. We then provide specialist resources to support the implementation of this Plan. The strategy for each of our investments is management's strategy, driving each of our businesses to optimal performance.

Every deal is different. Markets change. Management styles change. Businesses evolve - and we evolve with them.

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